morph_cupcake Food Writing An avid baker, Jess was asked to come up with a “recession appropriate” recipe for MORPH Magazine, a community-fostering arts and culture publication based in Devonport, New Zealand.

Read it! Recessionly Yours, Orange & Vanilla Cupcakes

SouthernTravel In a five piece series, Jess documented her return home to rediscover the southern states and her American roots for the Auckland, NZ-based art collective’s website makeshift.co.nz.

Read it! Makeshift Rolls Into The South

morph_facebookFeature Writing With a background in psychology, Jess is always interested in asking why we act the way we do. In this piece, she carried out a survey on 50 people in Auckland to discover some of the social implications of the popular social networking site, Facebook. The article was featured in the summer ’08 issue of MORPH Magazine, a community-fostering arts and culture publication based in Devonport, New Zealand.

Read it! Facebook Focussed

AspartameScientific Articles As a researcher and writer for Mind Warriors, an experiential learning company based in Auckland, Jess has written articles for both the JOLT Challenge website and exercises for the JOLT Challenge journal. The JOLT Challenge is a 10 week program with a focus on self intelligence and well being.

Read it! Aspartame: A Look at the Controversial Sweetener

bighouseCreative Writing This creative writing piece was featured in Makeshift Magazine #2, “where are we going?”, a contributor-based magazine put out by art collective, Makeshift. It is the last installment in a three piece series inspired by three different songs.

Read it! you put me in the bighouse

sideroomReviews This review piece was written on behalf of Toy Kong vinyl art toy boutique for Sideroom.com a creative arts and culture magazine based in Auckland, NZ. In the review, Jess describes the hottest vinyl art toys on the market at that time.

Read it! Sideroom Winter ’07 Toykong Toy Reviews

tourettesInterviews Jess talked to NZ hip hop and spoken word artist Tourettes about his latest album, Who Said You Can’t Dance to Misery? for thebigidea.co.nz.

Read it! Bridging the Gap with Tourettes

morphcolumnColumns Jess writes a monthly column for Morph Magazine online. “Back Again for the First Time” documents her time back in the USA after spending 3 years in Auckland, New Zealand.

Read it! Back Again for the First Time