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Transition periods

Posted by: team sweet

July 16th, 2009 >> Well Being

Don't Rock the Ferris!When you’re standing in the middle of nowhere and have to make a choice but there’s no one around to influence you, is this what a life defining moment is all about? – You defining you? And if you’re choice is simply to continue moving forward, is that enough of a choice?

Right now, I’m sitting in a rocking chair on a balcony overlooking a suburban street, lined with historic homes with white columns and vast front porches.

Right now, I’m a person who has lost their beloved grandfather and is grieving the loss of an important relationship.

I’ve moved away from my job, my friends, a community I love. So, is this me without all of these defining attributes, the purest form of me? Whoever this is, whatever this is, it feels completely empty yet completely full at the same time. You have so much choice when there’s nothing but you to answer to. Other than just the standard questions we face on a daily basis… the “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” or “Fruit Loops” conundrum, there’s a much more resonating question: “Who will I be?”

Without anyone setting the boundaries for me, it all comes out a bit mysterious and overwhelming. But putting on my mental health hat, why not ask this question everyday – who do you want to be? Isn’t part of life creating that person? Even though it’s intimidating to be able to choose how to define my life from here, it is also freeing and exciting.

So who will you be? How will you create that?

Oh yeah, and remember to breathe. :)

(Thanks for reading!)