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Local Natives at Local 506

Posted by: team sweet

May 8th, 2010 >> Music

I went along to the Local Natives show this week at Local 506, my new favorite spot for shows in Chapel Hill/Carrboro. I’d heard their song “Sun Hands” on Sirius XMU and after a few listens, I now belt it out every time I hear it in the car. I am a car singer through and through and this song gets me making a lot of noise. If my friends can’t make it along to a gig at the 506, I now feel comfortable going along alone, which is quite nice. I made friends with the owner, Glenn, who knows Chris Knox, a famous NZ muso, so we bonded a bit over NZ one night and now he knows me by name.

I missed the first act, Brookyln-based Suckers, but didn’t miss the frontman after the show who was downing Jägerbombs as eyeliner was streaming down his sweaty face. He ended up ripping down some garland that was hung behind the stage and throwing it around his head to act like a headdress. So, what I am trying to say is, I wish I had seen this band play live.

I was at the back for Local Natives, mostly because I injured my foot last week and was concerned some peppy dancer might further the damage. They were very tight and pretty enthusiastic, swapping mics and having fun onstage. Everyone had a good sing-a-long to “Sun Hands” and I was very happy when they played my other favorite tune, “Wide Eyes.” If it hadn’t been for the numerous college kids tweeting and texting about the show (instead of actually watching it) and yelling at each other “I AM HAVING A GREAT TIME! AREN’T YOU?” it may have been close to a perfect time. I even bought a shirt. Now for some music…

They’re on tour now and a lot of the shows are selling out, so if you like what you hear and they are coming to your town, grab a ticket!