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Boston, land of the awesome

Posted by: team sweet

May 7th, 2010 >> American Life, Music


My heart belongs to the city of Boston; there is no doubt. No other city makes it flutter the way Boston does. The extreme ups and downs of city life are what have plunged me into my manic relationship with Boston – The frigid weather, the mind-melting heat of summer, the rats poking around old apartment buildings, the smelly garbage piles on Allston’s streets, the cool, stale air in subway trains… the docks down by the Charles River in the afternoon in spring, the big, bright, retro bulbs of liquor stores that cast red light through brownstone bay windows, the endless supply of well-crafted beer, the smell of laundry creeping up out of apartment buildings during winter…

It’s a dreamy nightmare that I am madly in love with. After NYC, I hopped on a bus and made the five hour drive to Boston. I was greeted  by my good friend, Ernie who I stayed with during my time there. If it wasn’t enough to just see him, he also supplied me with a fresh stack of comics and graphic novels every night and his amazing girlfriend cooked heavenly tasting meals for me. My first morning in Boston, I woke up and drank iced coffee and ate fruit salad and banana bread while reading Vol. 2 of The Fart Party (LOVE IT.) on their balcony. Beauty.

Over the course of five days, I saw my hilarious friend Mike play in his band Born of Thunder (BOT) upstairs at Charlie’s Kitchen. He is the man who introduced me to the world of Manowar, just so you can understand a bit about him and BOT (AWESOME). I hung out with my always-inspiring friend Betsy, who laid down some tempting offers for me to move back there – I think everybody I saw there was trying to do this in some way. I visited with other friends who my heart had been aching for, which led to us drinking three pitchers of Spring Training IPA from Cambridge Brewing Company (CBC) and then holding hands while telling each other we love one another multiple times. And it wasn’t just the beer talking – I LOVE THOSE LADIES. I also 100% endorse any beer from CBC. The head brewer Will is one of the only people in Boston who urged me to go back to NZ four years ago. Thanks, Will!

So, it was a beautiful time.

When I got back to Carrboro, NC (where I now reside), I was greeted with so much love it nearly choked me up. I hadn’t realized how much I had already made an impact on people and vice versa. To think I had just moved here in Nov. 2009 was crazy. It also made me realize that there will always be hard times when you first move somewhere without knowing anyone, but those can melt away pretty easily. Lovely.