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Cover Me Up

Posted by: team sweet

October 18th, 2010 >> Music

Here’s me singing and playing a cover of Built to Spill’s “The Weather.” It is one of my favorite songs and the last time I played it was awhile ago. Also, I only played spot chords on the guitar when I played it a couple years back. So, here’s me attempting it again. Remember, this is my way of documenting the process of learning to play guitar/sing at the same time, since I am mainly trained as a singer, so this will be rife with flaws… but that’s oookay. Right?! Right.

Thanks in advance for watching!

Cover Up

Posted by: team sweet

September 16th, 2010 >> Music

Here’s me doing another cover. Like I said in the previous post, these are all guaranteed to be rough around the edges. It was super late here when I recorded this, so I hope you find the imperfections endearing. Without further ado, here is me covering Liam Finn’s “Fire in your Belly”.

There’s also another take of me playing this here. I look equally tired in both videos! Enjoy!

Morning Music

Posted by: team sweet

September 8th, 2010 >> Music

I am going to try and record a cover of a song every week and post it up on here. I’ve been singing since I was a teenager and within the last 4-6 months have been trying to play the guitar much more frequently than I have in the past. No doubt about it, these covers will be flawed, but they’ll be a way to document the learning process as I go. For the first cover, I chose “The Pact” by Villagers. I don’t get quite as jangly on the guitar as Conor does, but please forgive me; I am a newb. Also, don’t turn this up too loud. I recorded it on my macbook without a proper microphone, so it peaks in the red a bit.