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Mostly Misses

Posted by: team sweet

January 26th, 2010 >> New Zealand

Looking back on my time in Auckland, I recognize that I took for granted the access I had to the city streets, teaming with people – the grit and grime and small spaces and clausterphobia of living in a city. The city bus, the oddities in public transit. The people-watching at public parks during summer time. The bicycling next to cars that are eagerly waiting to give you a nudge. ┬áThe street art missions into the wee hours. The anonymity of being in a sea of people. The strange outfits. The yelling, the laughing, the heartbeat of the city.

Now, back in the United States and residing in a small town, I ache for a city again. Nostalgia is a bittersweet addiction. There certainly must be a long list of amazing things about living in a more rural town but I am still just discovering it. Drives down country roads in the fall. Backyard bonfires in winter. Farmer’s markets. But being away from a city has given me some perspective on many of the nuances of city life that I miss.

Here there is much more space. In the expanses of the country it’s easy to feel small and disconnected but in saying that, I’ve also had serene moments out in the natural world here, where I found myself appreciating the beauty of nature. With time, qualities I like about living in a smaller town will continue to emerge, but it’s always so funny how you don’t fully appreciate something until it’s gone. Until you are many, many miles away, physically or mentally, or both.

How about you? Are you making sure to appreciate where you are?