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I Heart Cool Stuff

Posted by: team sweet

May 12th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs

It’s true, I do. Saki also hearts cools stuff and she has an awesome blog reporting all the best tidbits of art shows, vinyl art and everything awesome. I met her while I was in NYC recently and got to be on her vlog! Haha, it was my first vlogging experience, so go easy on me.


Posted by: team sweet

May 6th, 2010 >> American Life, Art Stuffs, Music


Apologies for the delayed post. Things have been quite busy lately for me. Who knew applying for grad school and trying to start a band would be so time consuming?!

I went to NYC to see Hot Chip with one of my very good friends, Miss Wolf. You can see pics of our trip here and here. We ate and drank our way around Manhattan. A sesame bagel with veggie tofu cream cheese and a giant iced coffee is the breakfast of champions. We made a trip to Jonathan Levine Gallery, as per my employer’s suggestion. I especially enjoyed the Date Farmers‘ exhibition, Smother Your Mother.


I met up with SakiWaki, the driving force of and we spent some quality time together waiting in line to get sketches from Alex Pardee and Dave Correia who are touring around the USA on the Sketch4Sketch tour. It’s simple – if you sketch them something, they’ll give you a couple of sketches in return. My sketch was a poor looking representation of a shirt I designed for Makeshift but they humored me, saying it was quite lovely and then they drew a couple of crazy looking narwhals in return.



Next Post (tomorrow I promise): Boston and Local Natives. Yum Yum.