Listen to mmm…Frosted!

Team Sweet plays dj every now and then on her online radio show, mmm…Frosted! The show is featured on Devonport station Jam Radio and is the number one listened to show on the station. The shows are available in one hour dollops andĀ feature a range of genres but mostly focus on rock, alternative, indie and some electro pop. The mixes are carefully selected to take listeners on a mini music journey and Jess speaks about the artists featured on the show and also highlights anything exciting she wants to share with the listeners. In the past, she’s discussed recipes, vinyl art toys and living in NZ. She’s moved back to the USA but continues to make shows via the power of the internet!


Beatrice & Mildred: Advice for the Modern Lady

If you are into proper ladies:
Jess has joined forces with the talented Louise Evans to create a radio program for all the ladies out there.