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I like art.

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May 19th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs, Design


On a personal note – my eyes hurt from looking at the computer screen all day long. Don’t get me wrong – my job is great. The reason I’ve been looking at a computer all day long is to find new artists to exhibit here. In my efforts, I started thinking a lot about typography. Then I remembered the NOT MY TYPE: An Out of Character Experiment in Birmingham, with a different letter made by each contributing artist. Here’s Jon Burgerman’s J. This led me to Flickr, so I could perv at some typography pools. Flickr is where I came across Lindsay J. Haynes’ work, which is the reason for this post (not that you could have figured that out by the poorly written sentences above – apologies – I am running on empty). Here are some pieces taken off of her website:


How looooverly.

Now stop looking here and go perv on Flickr at some stellar hand drawn type.


Exhibition in AK

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April 7th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs, Design, New Zealand

I am constantly inspired and impressed by what my friends do. They are all ridiculously talented people. Recently, my friends DavyEddie (EDMO!) and Jake Hope have been working on art pieces for an exhibition in Auckland, NZ at Roasted Addiqtion Cafe (Kingsland). As part  of the exhibition, Davy has taken my old laptop (I’m glad to be a silent contributor, ha), built it into a table and set it up so that the user can play all sorts of games from different gaming consoles! It’s brilliant! Jake and EDMO! have then added their artistic skills to the table as you can see below.



Translation: “There is no avarice without penalty.” (by EDMO!)


Translation: “Have a nice day.” (by Jake Hope)

The exhibition begins officially on April 19th but the table will be at the cafe on the evening of Wednesday April 14th.

Blue Q

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April 1st, 2010 >> Art Stuffs, Design, Green, Music


The other day, on a mission to find my mom the perfect birthday gift, I went into one of my favorite shops in Carrboro, Nested. While there, I recognized some art by 64 colors on an awesome shopping bag.

The company that makes them is Blue Q and they have a wide and varied range of products. Some I really dig and others… not so much. I picked up a tote bag and a water bottle. The water bottle is BPA free and is stainless steel and decorated with lead-free inks! Huzzah, what a find! It’s also pretty awesome that their bags are made from 95% recycled woven polypropylene aaaand that 1% of the sale of their bags and water bottles go to support the work of The Nature Conservancy.

I ended up buying my mom a lovely dish towel, which was hand-woven in India and screenprinted with water-based, non-toxic inks. Lovin’ it. Good job, Blue Q.

NOW FOR SOME AMAZING MUSIC. If you can go to a live show of King Khan and the Shrines, do it.

Oh hey, it’s awesome stuff!

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February 25th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs, Design, Music

Awesome prints:


Little Friends of Printmaking

Awesome Japan:

Awesome Cover:

Awesome Potential:


3D Printing

Here It Comes Again

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February 5th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs, Design

I can’t say that I am a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, especially this year, as it’ll be my first time being single on this holiday for the past 8 or so years! But, it’s not just that I am single, even when I had a someone to celebrate it with, I preferred to make loving gestures all year long rather than feel the pressure to do something grand on one day. I’m someone who likes showing people, whether they’re my boyfriend or my best friend, that I care about them all the time. I even considered being a professional friend for awhile. Giving flowers, making crafty gifts, writing letters, making mix cds, baking treats… I am a pro! I am not so sure this would be as lucrative as I would need to survive, but it’s a nice thought.

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, don’t let it get you down. And… don’t let trying to think of a great gift stress you out too much either!

Thanks for the photo,!

Thanks for the photo,!

Do check out this Valentine’s inspired B Mine Uamou from Lulubell and Ayako Takagi. It drops Feb 14th at 9am for $25 each. Sweeeet!


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January 29th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs, Design, Green

Here are things I like. What are you into this week?


Andrew Bell’s O-No Sushi – I love this toy. Pretty well made and fun. Very fun to play around with for photographing!


Jon Burgerman – He makes art, vinyl toys (these are still art too, just in 3d form) and music. I’m sure he does other things too. Check out his Flickr – there are doodles and pictures of food. He looks fun to hang out with.

Picture 1

I Heart Cool Stuff – Who doesn’t? Count on Saki-Waki to show you some amazing things in the world of art and art toys! Woohoo! Also see her Flickr for some sweet toy photos.


Sarah + Bendrix (via the decor8 blog) – Handmade little hearts arranged carefully. Very pretty. Too pricey for me but gives me inspiration to try it myself.


The Slow Food Movement - Their mission: “Slow Food works to defend biodiversity in our food supply, spread taste education and connect producers of excellent foods with co-producers through events and initiatives.”


Still love this eco-graffiti


Always lovin’ Kristiana Parn


New Dunny Series – Dunny Fatale – What do we think of it? I really want the Aya Kakeda crazy cat lady dunny! Also see Aya as one of the — MOUSTACHE SISTERS! oh my!

Nothing says awesome like stockings.

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January 22nd, 2010 >> Art Stuffs, Design


Les Queues de Sardines, unusual and stylish and unusually stylish tights & stockings.

If you’re in Auckland, they’re stocked at Children of Vision in St. Kevin’s Arcade. Otherwise they’re sold online. I must admit though… they’re a little out of my price range. But still very cool nonetheless!

Now for some music:

Art art art art

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January 14th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs, Design


taken from AJ Fosik’s interview at


taken from David Lanham’s website.

David had a few orginal cards in Wootini’s Holiday Show.

He’s a cool guy and a talented one to boot.


What do you think of Cosmogole from Kaiovodo of Argentina?

See him on Flickr.


Just in case you didn’t see this open letter to kidrobot by Jeremy Brautman.


Now go make some origami!

tea cats.

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December 10th, 2009 >> Art Stuffs, Design


I found this Señor Don Gato tea set on So cute. It’s a bit expensive for me, so I will have to dream about it instead of pouring tea from it in real life.

More Don Gato.

Wicked blog!

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December 9th, 2009 >> Art Stuffs, Design, Writing


Hullo, lovelies.

Here is a blog I came across the other day. Now that I have my own apartment, I also have the responsibility of making it look relatively awesome too. After living amongst boxes, I now realize how important your living space is to your mental state. Sitting uncomfortably on the floor and stepping around boxes doesn’t leave you feeling bright and cheery. Decor8 is written and compiled by an interior designer and writer, living in Hannover, Germany. She also writes a lovely blog about being an ex-pat, called Haus Maus which provides some great insights and photos of Hannover. Check out these community bookcases!