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Art Party

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May 10th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs


Marc Johns’ simple messages convey an awesome wit that I really appreciate. His work reminds me a bit of NZ artist thisisrabbit. Marc has a show at GR2 in LA at the moment called Butter and Blood, where his work will be showcased alongside Steven Weissman‘s. If you live in LA, which I don’t, go check it out and make me jealous. The show is up until June 2.


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May 6th, 2010 >> American Life, Art Stuffs, Music


Apologies for the delayed post. Things have been quite busy lately for me. Who knew applying for grad school and trying to start a band would be so time consuming?!

I went to NYC to see Hot Chip with one of my very good friends, Miss Wolf. You can see pics of our trip here and here. We ate and drank our way around Manhattan. A sesame bagel with veggie tofu cream cheese and a giant iced coffee is the breakfast of champions. We made a trip to Jonathan Levine Gallery, as per my employer’s suggestion. I especially enjoyed the Date Farmers‘ exhibition, Smother Your Mother.


I met up with SakiWaki, the driving force of and we spent some quality time together waiting in line to get sketches from Alex Pardee and Dave Correia who are touring around the USA on the Sketch4Sketch tour. It’s simple – if you sketch them something, they’ll give you a couple of sketches in return. My sketch was a poor looking representation of a shirt I designed for Makeshift but they humored me, saying it was quite lovely and then they drew a couple of crazy looking narwhals in return.



Next Post (tomorrow I promise): Boston and Local Natives. Yum Yum.

Exhibition in AK

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April 7th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs, Design, New Zealand

I am constantly inspired and impressed by what my friends do. They are all ridiculously talented people. Recently, my friends DavyEddie (EDMO!) and Jake Hope have been working on art pieces for an exhibition in Auckland, NZ at Roasted Addiqtion Cafe (Kingsland). As part  of the exhibition, Davy has taken my old laptop (I’m glad to be a silent contributor, ha), built it into a table and set it up so that the user can play all sorts of games from different gaming consoles! It’s brilliant! Jake and EDMO! have then added their artistic skills to the table as you can see below.



Translation: “There is no avarice without penalty.” (by EDMO!)


Translation: “Have a nice day.” (by Jake Hope)

The exhibition begins officially on April 19th but the table will be at the cafe on the evening of Wednesday April 14th.

Blue Q

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April 1st, 2010 >> Art Stuffs, Design, Green, Music


The other day, on a mission to find my mom the perfect birthday gift, I went into one of my favorite shops in Carrboro, Nested. While there, I recognized some art by 64 colors on an awesome shopping bag.

The company that makes them is Blue Q and they have a wide and varied range of products. Some I really dig and others… not so much. I picked up a tote bag and a water bottle. The water bottle is BPA free and is stainless steel and decorated with lead-free inks! Huzzah, what a find! It’s also pretty awesome that their bags are made from 95% recycled woven polypropylene aaaand that 1% of the sale of their bags and water bottles go to support the work of The Nature Conservancy.

I ended up buying my mom a lovely dish towel, which was hand-woven in India and screenprinted with water-based, non-toxic inks. Lovin’ it. Good job, Blue Q.

NOW FOR SOME AMAZING MUSIC. If you can go to a live show of King Khan and the Shrines, do it.


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March 26th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs, Music

First we had this from Letter Pressed:


And these for goodies bags at Rotofugi:


So now we have this:


Toasted by Rotofugi and Squibbles Ink in Chicago… no two are alike! Gotta love 64 colors.

Misery is an artist from NZ. I just noticed that she has some stickers in at Rivet Gallery in Ohio! nice one.


This photo was taken from thisisrabbit’s flickr account. By the way, you should check out thisisrabbit. He’s just put out a book of his work.


The XX are on tour. This band makes me feel sexcellent. FACT.

Have you gotten your tickets yet? Hurry up because they are sold out in a lot of places!

Sneak Peek: Podgypanda

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March 25th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs, New Zealand

I am lucky enough to be friends with the talented and kind Podgypanda of New Zealand and he’s been sweet enough to sneak us a little peek at a sculpt of one of his Geeks of Nature – a concept featured at his solo show at Nation Toys + Tees in Calgary, Canada in July of this year.

betty yeti

This lil’ lady is Betty Yeti, a kind and mischevious Yeti, who likes hangin’ with her best buddies Snowpal and her cute neighbor, Bigfoot Bryan. I’m loving her hair and glasses! Be ready to check out all six of the Geeks of Nature in 2D and 3D form at his solo show. And if you’re in NZ, come see Podgypanda at the Armageddon Expo in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington!

Oh hey, it’s Josh Keyes.

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March 11th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs

Check out some of his work (which I’ve taken from his website):

NP Roar


Cool, eh?

He had a solo show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery earlier this year and will be exhibiting at the David B. Smith Gallery in Denver in Fall 2010.

Oh hey, it’s awesome stuff!

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February 25th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs, Design, Music

Awesome prints:


Little Friends of Printmaking

Awesome Japan:

Awesome Cover:

Awesome Potential:


3D Printing

Stick Heart!

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February 14th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs

So here are a couple of photos of my attempt to make a rustic looking heart from sticks to hang on my front door. The most difficult part of the project was finding sticks that were bendy enough to mold into a heart shape. The end result was… okay?
stick heart1

Collecting the sticks was pretty fun, although it was quite cold outside. Mabel, my friend’s dog, had the best time. She’s a good stick collector.

stick heart2

Sticking a bow on anything makes it better.


Mabel and I bond over wine and pleasant conversation. If you look hard enough, you’ll notice Miss Mabel has ripped open my shirt to expose …gasp!… my black undershirt!

You’ve Got the LOVE

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February 14th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs, Music

First, here’s some music to titillate your aural sense on a day in February:

Today is Valentine’s Day in the USA! My goodness. Perhaps you would like to make some crocheted amigurumi style hearts to celebrate. I found these on, one of my favorite websites for DIY projects. And make sure to have your fill of tasty treats today.

I’m going to be assembling a heart decoration for my front door out of sticks and copper wire later today… so I’ll have some photos of my endeavors.

Happy Day!