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Blood Brothers Artist MCA Speaks to Wootini

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March 8th, 2011 >> Art Stuffs

Hey! Check out this interview with MCA on Wootini Gallery’s website! Or click on the image below to read it!

WZRD Evil Ape Customs by MCA in the show


Also have a look at some of the artwork by EVOKER, Abe Lincoln Jr. and MCA hung on the walls at Wootini!

Some of Abe Lincoln Jr.'s artwork

MCA's wall o' stencils

For more images and to check out this rad Zorlac inspired piece (below) by Evoker check out his blog where you can find more photos of the exhibition!

Evoker's 'Zorhead' piece

And in another fun and unrelated note check out this tumblr featuring Adventure Time inspired artwork!

It is best viewed whilst eating some Nutella.



Stay tuned for a new Morph Magazine article and a blurb about my trip to Orlando where I got to hang with super wickedly talented artist Dolla.

Abe Lincoln Jr. :: Fugue State Project

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March 1st, 2011 >> Art Stuffs

As part of the Blood Brothers art show at Wootini Gallery in NC, Abe Lincoln Jr. will be releasing Asspanther’s first single, Eucharism!

If you haven't heard of Asspanther, then you haven't heard of artist Abe Lincoln Jr.'s radical and super interesting art project, Fugue State. So pay attention!

Back in 2009, here’s what Abe had to say about Fugue State:

“To those who forgot or to those of you who are new to the concept Id thought I’d do a little refresher course on Fugue State and what I plan on doing with this art project.

Fugue State Records is a fictional “Extreme Music” record label. I will be using the form factor of the humble 7″ record to release singles from the fictional Hardcore and Heavy Metal bands on the Fugue State label roster. These are NOT real 7″ records with music on them, they are Design Objects meant to be displayed with the rest of your Art collection.

I will be laser etching various materials to create the records and the sleeves will be digitally printed. Each release from Fugue State Records will be limited to no more that 10-50 pcs per colorway. Once a colorway is done it will not be released again.

The money raised from the project will be used to cover the costs of printing stickers, tees and record sleeves as well as the laser etching.

In support of these releases I will also be doing other Artist Multiples such as band and label tshirts, gig posters, stickers & zines, all that will be released as the project continues.

My goal with the project is to create a world that has continuity. There will be multiple releases from the bands on the Fugue State label roster. New bands being signed and old bands moving on or breaking up. So the project is meant to be ongoing.

I plan on doing multiple art shows/record releases and putting out new Multiples regularly.”

Wootini Gallery is excited to be the first gallery to carry this very first release on Fugue State Records from Icelandic Black Metal Hellions, Asspanther! (Yes the name is amazing.) The long awaited 7″ single  entitled “Eucharism” b/w “Religeon is Mind Control” will be featured in the Blood Brothers art show opening on March 4th at 7pm. These are limited to 20. One lucky person will find an additional Asspanther sticker in theirs… whoever gets this will win a free silkscreened Asspanther poster (ltd. ed. of 20)!


Interview with Abe Lincoln Jr.

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February 27th, 2011 >> Art Stuffs

I did an interview with Blood Brothers show artist, Abe Lincoln Jr. for Wootini Gallery. Check out the interview here!


Abe's Globulon Figure

Blood Brothers :: March Show at Wootini Gallery

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February 26th, 2011 >> Art Stuffs


Wootini Gallery is proud to present Blood Brothers, a group show by a trifecta of talent: Abe Lincoln Jr.EvokerMCA. It was inevitable for these artists’ mischievous, cute, strange and wonderful work to come crashing together in one show. You can see their artwork publicly, lining the streets on stickers, in galleries around the world and in boutiques on vinyl art figures for Toy2R and Kidrobot. All influenced by popular culture and cartoons, yet each with a distinct art style that translates fluidly from the streets to canvas to vinyl.



Blood Brothers will feature prints, stickers, original paintings, and customized designer figures.



Opening Reception – Friday, March 4th, 7-11pm

Show Runs – March 4th – 31st, 2011

Wootini Gallery, 101 Lloyd Street Carrboro, NC

Evoker Gets Down

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January 15th, 2011 >> Art Stuffs

Here’s a video I made featuring artist Evoker throwing up some paint in North Carolina. Featuring Tommy Ill’s “Best Damn Evening” track.

Interview with the Lovely Shawn Smith

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September 29th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs

For the Wootini Art Tour that I ventured on this past summer, I traveled to Chicago, where I was fortunate enough to run into Shawn Smith and do an impromptu interview at OhNo!Doom Gallery. Thanks, Shawn!

Wootini Gallery Roadshow

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August 24th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs

Wootini Roadshow

Okay – so I realize it has been FOREVER since my last post! My apologies! I’ve been changing gears and changing focus which means spending many hours on The Wootini Gallery Art Tour! Check this puppy out – I traveled around the USA with both New Zealand and American friends, interviewing artists and snapping photos! Now – I have brought back the artwork with me and am holding an exhibition at Wootini Gallery in Carrboro!


Really? Really.

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May 28th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs, Music

My apologies for being so slack in writing the last week. On top of having a quite severe sore throat, I was working incredibly long hours and running on minimal sleep. BUT! Enough about being lame. Today, to get back into the swing of things, I will present you with a lot of music. Ready? Ready.

First up is Yelle with the song ‘Ce Jeu.’

This music video combines fashion, french fries, plastic dinosaurs and electro pop beats. Hello, heaven? Yeah, go ahead and take me now. I’m ready. Swoon.

Next up is Tokyo Police Club with ‘Your English is Good.’ On tour now!

And noooow here is Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros with ’40 Day Dream.’ I would like to go to their parties. They’re on tour now too!

And here is Bear Hands with ‘What a Drag.’ It took me a few times of listening to this to really enjoy it but now I’m hooked.

The cherry on your music cake – A lovely image from the UK artist Gemma Correll. Check out her etsy!


I like art.

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May 19th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs, Design


On a personal note – my eyes hurt from looking at the computer screen all day long. Don’t get me wrong – my job is great. The reason I’ve been looking at a computer all day long is to find new artists to exhibit here. In my efforts, I started thinking a lot about typography. Then I remembered the NOT MY TYPE: An Out of Character Experiment in Birmingham, with a different letter made by each contributing artist. Here’s Jon Burgerman’s J. This led me to Flickr, so I could perv at some typography pools. Flickr is where I came across Lindsay J. Haynes’ work, which is the reason for this post (not that you could have figured that out by the poorly written sentences above – apologies – I am running on empty). Here are some pieces taken off of her website:


How looooverly.

Now stop looking here and go perv on Flickr at some stellar hand drawn type.


I Heart Cool Stuff

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May 12th, 2010 >> Art Stuffs

It’s true, I do. Saki also hearts cools stuff and she has an awesome blog reporting all the best tidbits of art shows, vinyl art and everything awesome. I met her while I was in NYC recently and got to be on her vlog! Haha, it was my first vlogging experience, so go easy on me.