Team Sweet is a person, although sometimes she’s mistaken for a cartoon cupcake. She wears many hats. Amongst these hats are: a beret for her show Mmm..Frosted! on Devonport’s online radio station, Jam Radio; a frilly hat when baking cupcakes and producing a line of sweets; a small pink cap when she hula hoops; a brain-enhancing hat when doing psychology research for Mind Warriors; a top hat when writing up reviews and articles for various blogs; a sneaky black balaclava when street-arting in Auckland; a fedora style hat when she’s working at gallery¬†Wootini; and finally a flowery bonnet that she wears when singing.

Go Team Sweet! is a blog, an online writing and cupcake portfolio and Mmm…Frosted! radio show resource. In the blog, Team Sweet has covered and will continue to cover what interests her most and what she has experience in: art, food, music and maintaining a positive well-being. Oftentimes there will be a smattering of pretty and inspiring design thrown into the mix as well. Enjoy and visit often! :D