Come Home Mr. Ill

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October 15th, 2009 >> Uncategorized

Tommy Ill is one of my favorite (favourite!) New Zealand musicians. His songs are ridiculously catchy and his humor (humour!) is always spot on. He’s played at a couple of Makeshift shows in the past and always delivered a great performance along with his right hand man, Buck Beauchamp. Matchsticks, his last release was met with rave reviews across NZ and the single “Letters to the Editor” received heaps of airtime. “Come Home Mr. Ill” is a new video produced by Brian Hainsworth who Tommy also worked with for the “Letters to the Editor” video. Mr. Hainsworth describes the video process: “We wanted to make a video on a tiny budget that looked like we had a huge budget but were trying to pretend our big budget video was low budget, but actually we had no budget.” Precisely.

Check out the video and enjoy it until your eyes fall out. Then wait a little while until his new EP drops and BUY IT!



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