Hello, Picture Book

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September 15th, 2009 >> Uncategorized

Before I left New Zealand, my lovely friend Mel and I spent some time perusing a book store in search of gifts. There’s nothing like being surrounded with endless possibilities, and that’s the feeling I get when looking up at the shelves upon shelves of books waiting to be plucked and ingested. One book in particular caught my eye - The Great Paper Caper. Right away I was attracted to the illustration style. The characters in the book are tiny-eyed and stick-legged, making for a very charming group. The text is sparse but witty and charming, with the forest dwellers looking to solve the mystery of disappearing trees from their home. The author and illustrator is Oliver Jeffers, an Irish artist, designer and writer now living in NYC. He’s no stranger to the children’s picture book, with five already under his belt. I’m so in love with the illustrations, I’m thinking about meticulously cutting out the pages and framing them to put up in my next apartment. is it wrong to cut up a book?!

Until next time…. frosted love to you!


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i love Oliver Jeffers, i have 3 of his books (including this one :) )